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Gangasagar Mela 2022

Ganga Sagar Mela Overview :

The second most popular mela after Kumbh Mela is the Ganga Sagar Mela. It is India’s biggest fair held in Sagar Island, West Bengal, India. A large number of people celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm, the festival has a cultural and spiritual significance where pilgrims dip themselves in the holy waters of Ganga to purify their souls. Held during the winters, the Mela is an annual gathering of pilgrims who see a number of rituals, lit lamps, and chanting in and around Sagar Island.

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Ganga Sagar Mela 2023 Date: Gangasagar Mela 2023 Date
15th, January 2023, Pooja Timings: 3:00 AM onward.

About Ganga Sagar Mela :
Ganga is regarded as the holiest river in the Hindu mythology. The river originates in Gangotri and marks an end of her journey in Sagar Island where it merges with the Bay of Bengal. There is a myth which goes around that if one bathes in the Ganga here, he/she would be cleansed of all his/her sins. The number of tourists has been increasing year after year; thus, the festival is such a grand affair when thousands of devotees from all races, backgrounds, cultures and nationalities take a dip in the holy waters and worship Lord Surya.

Ganga Sagar Mela Tour Package
Ganga Sagar Mela Tour Package

The tourists after taking a dip also visit the temple of Kapil Muni, a well-known sage of the Hindu mythology. The fair takes place on the day of Makar Sankranti which is celebrated every year on either the 14th or the 15th of January.

A place of exceptional beauty and religious significance, Sagardwip is a beautiful island, just off the Bengal coast. It is the point where the river Ganga meets the Bay of Bengal, and thus it has religious connotations. Sagardwip has some great beaches for rejuvenation and relaxation and is also a haven for trekkers. It is known throughout the world for hosting the Ganga Sagar Mela in January when thousands of devotees take a dip in the Ganga in Sagardwip.

Places To Visit Nearby

Kapil Muni temple is one attraction where the pilgrims generally pay a visit after taking a dip as already mentioned above.
The sea beaches are also a must visit.
The Fairgrounds
The Sagar Lighthouse and Port
The Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

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Gangasagar Mela Accommodation or Hotel Details:
Gangasagar Mela (2022) Time all available permanent accommodation or hotel advanced book by State Govt., Army person and VIP. So mela you can not book permanent accommodation or hotel. Mela time you can book temporary base Tent accommodation which organized by Private organization.

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